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Sizing in finish cut quality Excellent - GlossCut

Circular sawblade GlossCut

For trimming and sizing.

Portable and table saws.

Workpiece material:
Transparent thermoplastics (e.g. PMMA, PC), plastic wave boards (e.g. PVC), solid surface materialss (e.g. Corian), alu composite panels (e.g. Alucobond®). Non-ferrous metal or plastic profiles.

Technical information:
Cutting face with two different cutting angles for smooth surfaces and tear-free cutting edges. Excellent design with plastic filled laser ornaments for vibration damping and reduction of noise level (over D-210 mm).

Further GlossCut dimensions suitable for sizing, cross cut and mitre cut saws and twin sizing saws - see section Cutting Non-Ferrous Metals And Plastics.

ID. 161012

Circular sawblade GlossCut
Property  Value 
Classification (Class.) WK 357 2
Product type (Product type) Circular sawblade
Cutting material (QAL) HW
Diameter (D) 250 mm
Stock availability (Stock) 1
Cutting width (SB) 2.8 mm
Number of teeth (Z) 72
Bore size (BO) 30 mm
Tool Type (Tool Type) Main sawblade
Pinhole dimension (NLA) KNL mm
Tooth shape (ZF) FZFA/FZFA
Thicknes of body (TDI) 2.0 mm
Cutting angle (SW) 5 Grad
Workpiece material (WSS) Non-ferrous metals Plastics Mineral materials Composites

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