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Rebating cutterhead for joinery machines - HeliCut 15

Aluminium tool body

For cutting grooves, rebate grooves, V-grooves as well as for jointing longitudinal and crosscut wood with large hogging depths in the wood construction.

CNC-controlled joinery machines, as well as special machines for general wood construction with machine-specific adaptors.

Workpiece material:
Solid wood, preferably softwood for wood construction, hardwood (oak, ash etc.).

Technical information:
Carrier body constructed from high strength lightweight aluminium alloy. With 4-times turnable, spiral-shaped assembled HW turnblades. Application of the same knives as peripheral knives and spurs. The cutting bevels of the HW knives are numbered. No clamping wedges, direct tangential knife clamping. Easy handling of knife change without further mounting aid.

More dimensions on request.

ID. 132552

Rebate cutterhead HeliCut
Property  Value 
Classification (Class.) WW 430 2 05
Product type (Product type) Cutter / cutterhead
Cutting material (QAL) HW
Diameter (D) 400 mm
Stock availability (Stock) 0
Cutting width (SB) 40
Bore size (BO) 30 mm
Number of teeth (Z) 4x4
Spurs (V) 2 x 4+4

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