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WhisperCut DP edges for hybrid tools

WhisperCut DP edges; suitable for the combination with the tool systems ProfilCut, ProFix, turnblade or HeliPlan

Processing composites, glued joints and abrasive coatings in the window-, door and furniture production, causes a significant wear of edges. Through the application of a WhisperCut DP protective edge, the performance time of the HW main edge significantly has increased. The WhisperCut DP edge radially has been recessed to the main edge.

* = If the knife mounted has a 0° cutting area bevel, it can be used preferably for glued joints due to the crown.

ID. 091058

WhisperCut-knife SB14 PLUS
Property  Value 
Classification (Class.) TM 160 0 13
Product type (Product type) Knife / Blank knife
Cutting material (QAL) DP
Stock availability (Stock) 0
Cutting width (SB) 14 mm
Thickness (DIK) 6.63 mm
Height (H) 15.19 mm

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