Circular sawblades TR for saw benches
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Universal sizing

Circular sawblades TR for saw benches

For universal use on building sites.

Universal cutting saws.

Workpiece material:
Panels and timbers with small concrete and metal inclusions, wood wool (e.g. Heraklith), gypsum plasterboard and form work panel of veneer, gas aerated slabs, Styrodur slabs, roundwood and squared timbers.

Technical information:
Tool body with round closed form and stable tooth shape. Special tungsten carbide grade for all requirements on construction sites. Noise reducing design.

ID. 166025

Circular sawblade
Property  Value 
Classification (Class.) WK 123 2
Product type (Product type) Circular sawblade
Cutting material (QAL) HW
Diameter (D) 350 mm
Cutting width (SB) 3.5 mm
Stock availability (Stock) 1
Number of teeth (Z) 24
Bore size (BO) 30 mm
Tool Type (Tool Type) Circular sawblade
Pinhole dimension (NLA) KNL mm
Tooth shape (ZF) TR
Thicknes of body (TDI) 2.5 mm
Cutting angle (SW) 10 Grad
Workpiece material (WSS) Solid wood Board, uncoated Mineral materials Composites

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