Circular sawblade GlossCut
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Sizing in finish cut quality Excellent - GlossCut

Circular sawblade GlossCut

For trimming and sizing.

Portable and table saws.

Workpiece material:
Transparent thermoplastics (e.g. PMMA, PC), plastic wave boards (e.g. PVC), solid surface materialss (e.g. Corian), alu composite panels (e.g. Alucobond®). Non-ferrous metal or plastic profiles.

Technical information:
Cutting face with two different cutting angles for smooth surfaces and tear-free cutting edges. Excellent design with plastic filled laser ornaments for vibration damping and reduction of noise level (over D-210 mm).

Further GlossCut dimensions suitable for sizing, cross cut and mitre cut saws and twin sizing saws - see section Cutting Non-Ferrous Metals And Plastics.

ID. 161009

Circular sawblade GlossCut
Property  Value 
Classification (Class.) WK 357 2
Product type (Product type) Circular sawblade
Cutting material (QAL) HW
Diameter (D) 165 mm
Stock availability (Stock) 1
Cutting width (SB) 2.2 mm
Make of machine (Machine) Makita Bosch DeWalt
Number of teeth (Z) 48
Bore size (BO) 20 mm
Tool Type (Tool Type) Main sawblade
Tooth shape (ZF) FZFA/FZFA
Thicknes of body (TDI) 1.6 mm
Cutting angle (SW) 5 Grad
Workpiece material (WSS) Non-ferrous metals Plastics Mineral materials Composites

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