Circular sawblade DryCut
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Circular sawblades for metals - DryCut

Circular sawblade DryCut

For splitting, trimming and sizing.

Trimming and mitre saws, portable machines and table saws.

Workpiece material:
Flat and angle steel, pipes, steel plates and profiles, sandwich panels.

Technical information:
Note: Slow feed! Reduce speed! There may be sparks in use. Pay attention to safety instructions of extraction.

ID. 163528

Circular sawblade DryCut
Property  Value 
Classification (Class.) WK 457 2
Product type (Product type) Circular sawblade
Cutting material (QAL) HW
Diameter (D) 400 mm
Stock availability (Stock) 1
Cutting width (SB) 3.0
Number of teeth (Z) 84
Bore size (BO) 30 mm
Pinhole dimension (NLA) KNL
Tool Type (Tool Type) Circular sawblade
Thicknes of body (TDI) 2.4
Tooth shape (ZF) FZFA/FZFA
Workpiece material (WSS) Steel, thin-walled

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