Circular sawblade Katana for CNC
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Trimming and sizing on CNC machining centres Excellent - Katana

Circular sawblade Katana for CNC

For sizing of panels on CNC machining centres.

Processing units on CNC machining centres.

Workpiece material:
Chipboard and fibre materials paper and plastic coated, veneered, laminated veneer lumber (e.g. plywood, multiplex plywood), solid wood panels across grain and for mitre joints.

Technical information:
Katana tooth combination with alternate angle of cutting face for best cutting results. Excellent design with plastic filled laser ornaments for vibration damping and reduction of noise level. Mounting on flanges of processing units. When sizing wood derived materials first score with feed (1 - 2 mm) and then cut against feed.

ID. 161257

Circular sawblade Excellent Katana
Property  Value 
Classification (Class.) WK 879 2
Product type (Product type) Circular sawblade
Cutting material (QAL) HW
Diameter (D) 240 mm
Stock availability (Stock) 1
Type (Type) 1. 2
Cutting width (SB) 3.0
Bore size (BO) 30 mm
Number of teeth (Z) 75
Tool Type (Tool Type) Main sawblade
Pinhole dimension (NLA) 4/6.6/52
Thicknes of body (TDI) 2.2
Tooth shape (ZF) WZ/WZ/FZ
Cutting angle (SW) 10 Grad
Workpiece material (WSS) Solid wood Board, coated Board, uncoated

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