Turnblade / profile cutterhead set
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Turnblade ProfilCut Q profile cutterhead set for internal door production

Turnblade / profile cutterhead set

For external door profiles with single rebate, rebating depth 13/15/18 mm. Extendable for double rebate 12/15 and 15/15.

Spindle moulders and moulders.

Workpiece material:
Softwood and hardwood.

Technical information:
Combinable for front door, single and double rebate. Double rebate profiles by using additional tools. Tool body of aluminium. ProfilCut jointing cutterhead with chamfers to edges, rebate cutterhead with turnblade knives, spurs and seatings for edge knives and seal groove knives.

Set completely mounted on VDS-sleeve.

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Multi-profile scraper
R 1/2/3/Bevel
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