HW, ZL 10/11.5 mm, TG 4.0 mm
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Minifinger disc cutter, HW, with and without shoulder cutter

HW, ZL 10/11.5 mm, TG 4.0 mm

For self-locking longitudinal joints for non-supporting components, e.g. panels and strips.

Finger joint machines with cut-off saws.

Workpiece material:
Hardwood and abrasive tropical wood.

Technical information:
HW tipped cutters. Tool body thickness corresponds to finger pitch. Particularly suitable for horizontal joints with and without shoulders. Variable design for defined wood thicknesses from 15 to 80 mm. Suitable for small wood thicknesses. Resharpening area 3.5 mm. Design in DP on request.

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Multi-profile scraper
R 1/2/3/Bevel
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